Oriden is a full-service renewable energy developer. From solar, to wind, to energy storage our team members have varied backgrounds in all facets of renewable energy.

Here at Oriden, our skills and experience team allows us to effectively see a project through from conception to ownership and operation. We’ve proven this through the development of over 3 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy projects as a team.

Cleaner energy without the complexity.

There are a number of moving parts to any renewable energy project – from site and technology selection to financing and operating strategies.  Gaining the necessary approvals from all appropriate authorities and managing risks along the way – all requires the skill and know-how of an experienced project developer.  Oriden methodically approaches projects to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, allowing us to deliver quality projects to the marketplace.

The power to push forward.

Oriden is focused on the most exciting emerging markets for renewable projects – solar photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage that are distributed at the locations where they can deliver the most value to the grid and help drive down electricity costs for consumers.  Oriden is focused on developing community solar projects (with and without energy storage), behind the meter, and small (sub-20 megawatt (MW)) utility projects in front of the meter.

Community Solar

Community Solar projects are an exciting new application that helps households and businesses gain access to the environmental and financial benefits of solar power without having to own an entire solar facility by themselves.  These solar facilities are built and ‘shared’ by entire communities while simultaneously adding to the reliability, resiliency, and low-carbon electricity grid.

Commercial and Industrial Behind the Meter

There are a large number of businesses that recognize the environmental, social, and financial advantages of procuring carbon-free renewable power for their office buildings, manufacturing facilities, and storefronts.  Solar PV and energy storage can be coupled together to provide around the clock renewable energy, savings on demand charges, uninterruptible power backup, and overall lower utility bills.

Small Utility

The combination of higher state-level renewable portfolio standards and rapidly reducing costs have resulted in major additions to interconnection queues for small utility projects.  These facilities, typically in the 20 MW range, are quick to develop, can be aggregated to take advantage of economies of scale, and move the grid ever closer to the decentralized and resilient model of the future.  These projects are squarely in the targets for Oriden.

Making solar, simple.

Oriden combines the expertise and the entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up with the financial strength and engineering expertise of a Japanese multinational corporation to tackle the toughest challenges in renewable project development.  Our team can bring a project from vision to operation and we have the financial capital to make it happen.