Oriden's Values

We prioritize safety.

With full financial backing from a technology provider and best-in-class manufacturing giant, Oriden recognizes that safety is always a top priority – both in the office and in the field. We work with qualified contractors that have a demonstrated track record of safe performance and we ensure they value the safety of their employees as highly as we do.

We do the right thing.

In a complicated marketplace, it can be difficult to balance many competing and oftentimes opposing interests. While it can be difficult to define ‘the right thing,’ we know it when we see it – and that is what Oriden will always do. We do the right thing by our customers, employees, partners, and industry at large.

We earn the trust of our partners and customers.

Renewable project development is a complex process with many moving pieces. Our role is to power the connections that make clean possible. We organize all of those pieces to build successful projects while earning the trust of our stakeholders. Our teams stands behind the commitments we make to our customers, partners, and suppliers.

We do work that matters.

Renewable energy is good for both the environment as well as the bottom line. We know our work makes a difference in the critical transition to a decarbonized, decentralized, and digitized electrical grid and we take that responsibility seriously. We look for opportunities to move our customers to clean energy not just because it is our jobs, but it is the socially-responsible action to take.

Everyone contributes.

We are accountable to each other and recognize that we each bring skills that elevate the overall capabilities of the team. We trust each other’s abilities and work together to bring projects to fruition.

We listen and build consensus.

We work as a team, valuing all contributions and relying on facts and data to evaluate ideas – not rank. We know that successful project developers are those that take risks in a disciplined and thoughtful manner. We believe in challenging the status quo and always looking for opportunities, technologies, and innovative business models to push the market forward.